Shooting Stars- Virginia 2017


Winter Escape - Florida 2017

The Stampede Story

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In 2016 a group of families decided to create a USA Field Hockey Member Club that offers various types of year round field hockey training in WNY
By forming as a not for profit organization, Stampede is able to provide a high level training program while keeping costs affordable.  We utilize local facilities like the North Amherst Recreation Center and Sportsplex in the winter and the state of the art athletic facility at Williamsville North High School in the summer.
What those parents didn't know then, was that they would grow to love the game that their daughters did.  After traveling to tournaments all over the northeast and experiencing the passion for the game in states such as Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Virginia,  their goal changed.   The Stampede teams enjoyed success in the national tournaments and started to get noticed.  They were exposed to the recruiting process and were amazed at the opportunities that field hockey provided to aspiring student athletes of all levels.  What started as a small project evolved into a long term plan to help grow and promote the game of field hockey in Western New York and to help those aspiring student athletes take advantage of those opportunities while fulfilling their dream of playing in college.  In our short time, we have helped several girls successfully be recruited for the D1, II and III levels.
Stampede welcomes players of all levels, from beginner to advanced.  We have evaluation days at the beginning of all sessions that serve to assess where you are skill-wise and what you need to do to advance.  We then group you with other players of similar skill level.  
Our winter and spring programs focus on several categories:
  • Learning and reinforcement of basic ball skills
  • Basic and advanced shooting techniques
  • Passing techniques and strategies
  • Small area skills
  • Game strategies and systems
  • Fostering teamwork as a way to elevate performance
  • Sport specific exercise to improve overall fitness and strength
  • Building self confidence and discipline through athletics
Some girls are interested in improving their abilities for play at the high school level.  Others are focused on their goal of playing at the college level.  For those that are interested, we regularly travel to national recruiting tournaments like Winter Escape, Spring Fling, Shooting Star, College Connection and Super Sixty, etc.  as well as regional tournaments for the 12U and 14U players. This provides exposure to recruiters as well as different styles of play and competition.  We pride ourselves on keeping these tournament costs at the lowest level possible.
Our mission is to provide the highest level of field hockey instruction at an affordable price to those who have a passion for the game.  For those who aspire to play at the collegiate level, we can provide the pathway and guidance to help realize those dreams.